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Maximum Number of Active Users 5 Custom
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Free Plan Pricing Information

The Free Plan is free for life and allows the assignment of up to 5 active users assigned with access rights at any level.

Free Plan subscribers do not have access to the Public Risk Directory and are not be able to export data. All other features, including report generation and printing, are available in the Free Plan.

Pro Plan Pricing Information

The Pro Plan allows full access to all the application's features and functionality with the ability to select the exact number of active users you require and an option to host the application database on your own in-house servers if you want.

We charge a cloud hosting fee of £15 per month and £1 per day for every active user assigned above the 5 free users allowed in the Free Plan. All costs are charged on an annual subscription basis.

You can change the number of users in your Pro Plan at any time and the difference in cost will be debited or credited to your account based on the number of days remaining in your annual subscription.

If you opt for local server hosting, the price for this will be quoted to you after consulation with our sales support team.

If you downgrade your subscription from Pro to Free, the monthly cloud hosting charge will be credited to your account to the nearest whole month while the active user charges will be credited to the nearest whole day.

Note: When downgrading from Pro to Free Plan, access rights of all users (except the subscriber) will automatically be downgraded to "Guest" status. Subscribers will need to manually re-assign access rights to active users (up to a maximum of 5 permitted in the Free Plan).

Privacy Policy

We recognise that your personal and company information is private. As such, we will never pass your details onto anyone else and we will never send you unsolicited emails, unless it pertains directly to the use and functionality of Project Risk Manager software. Should you feel that this policy has been breached, please contact our support team directly at: [email protected] and we will endeavour to rectify matters immediately. Read more...

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